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M3S is a specific name which defines: ” Men, Material and Money are Safe, Secure and Systematic “

Action Plan

Create work culture and ethics through right selection and a high degree of training.

Maintain good physical, mental and emotional fitness of every employee.

Implementing and securing new technology to support business strategies.

Changing and upgrading system and network.

Satisfying regulatory requirements.

Ongoing training and certification to staff.

Supply product upgrade.

Keep an eye on changing environments.


Keep marketing strategy directly under CEO. (self-control)

Get face to face with customer (people who matter most)

Hire only passionate missionaries.

Love and respect each customer as an individual and not as a number or spreadsheet.

Create a community of customers.

Create loyalty and commitment among customers and be conscious of brand integrity.

Focus on customer’s lifetime value

Home Safety and Security Solutions

Our Range of Services

Security Services

The Private Security Sector plays a very important role in providing ” Community Services ” to protect life, property, business and information…..

Aviation Security

M3S is a leading security provider to the Aviation industry. CEO has 22 years of experience in Aerodrome Management and Air Traffic Services.

Event Planning & Consulting

Take on as a turnkey project from planning to execution of important events. Recently we have successfully executed …..

Hospital & Healthcare Security

M3S works with clients to address specific healthcare security needs with cost-effective programs that include:  ..

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M3S Security and Safety Solutions provide world-class specialized security safety systems like Access Control, CCTV Surveillance, Fire detection, Alarm System and personal security system.

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